If any one out there can help me out I would love to hear from you. These are a pair of Gokey Botte Sauvage boots I bought off of Ebay. Based on this boot code one should be able to determine the size and age of the boots. Can you decipher the boot code and tell me how old they are? The stenciled code reads: 410 534 74. I now know the top number “410” refers to the width (4, which is narrow) and the size (10) which is a bit unfortunate as I am more of a size 11. ūüôĀ These are also NOT the snakeproof model of this boot. So I am still on the hunt for a pair of vintage Gokey Botte Sauvage boots with boot code 411. Perhaps you know someone, or you ARE that someone willing to trade or sell.

You can buy these Gokey Botte Sauvage boots as well as beautiful pair of 18″ size 13 wide Gokey Botte Sauvage Snakeproof boots or a pair of 16″ tall size 11 EE Weinbrenner Snakeproof boots¬†from my Etsy store shown in the sidebar on the right.

If you want to see what all went into making a pair of boots like this, check out this great story about Macrostie Leathers, the only people still making them this way. These are some great American cordwainers.

410 534 74

The Gokey stenciled boot code: 410 534 74

Gokey Botte Sauvage Snakeproof Boots

Vintage Gokey Botte Sauvage Snakeproof Boots

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