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Oktoberfest Tent in the Prater. Dirndls dirndls everywhere. Behind me there were multiple passed out beer-lovers and it was barely four in the afternoon!


This cool vintage Austrian military truck was parked in front of my apartment today. Reminded me of the WWII T17 staghound armored car named after my dog. Although it really is nothing like them. Afer a quick Google search I still do not know exactly what make or model of truck this is, and I did not bother to look real close to see a name on it.


Meagan and I stumbled upon this great stencil graffiti in the bridge over the Donaukanal coming back from the Prater park on Sunday.

Mit Meagan im Prater Hundezone spazieren. Wir sind langsam angefangen heute morgen als Mann beim Foto von Meagan zu Hause sehen kann. Aber danach auf der Wiese bei Heustadlwasser ist Meagan wirklich gut gelaufen. Es war nicht mit voll Geschwindigkeit aber lang und schnell genug um sie ins Wasser zu bringen um sie zu erholen ein bisschen und dann eine Pause auf der Wiese.

Syrian anti-Baathist protest in Stephansplatz.

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Oh, and did I mention that there were Syrians protesting against the Baathist regime in front of the Cathedral? Damnit, I always forget the important stuff.

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