ESO publication statistics compared to other o...

ESO publication statistics compared to other observatories (Photo credit: European Southern Observatory)

So I woke up this morning to find this article sitting in my queue purporting to have raw data indicating that as the population of a county increased so did the percentage of votes in the primary GOP election that were directed to Mitt Romney. The authors of the article are basically pointing out that this anomalous behavior favoring a single candidate is characteristic of a form of voter fraud called vote-flipping. Please send feedback if you have some insight into this kind of statistical analysis or voter fraud.

Additionally, if this shows prior voter fraud for the primary, we should be even more concerned about the potential for more voter fraud in Ohio. Votes will be counted in Ohio electronically, and without a paper trail to back them up by a company which Romney’s family, former coworkers and supporters have investment ties to according to this article. 


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